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Contest update! Date: Jun 25th @ 3:30pm EDT
Hello Gentlemen!

I just wanted to give you an update on the Flirt Summit Contest for June! For those of you who don't know, it is a contest for the entire month of June where I can win a room and $500 bonus for a site event for models only. It is girls and guys combined and the top models with the most credits for June win! I am currently ranked 5! You can win for July and August too but I really want the win in June and I am SO CLOSE! I need all the credits I can get. I will be working as much as I can the remaining 6 days of June and I need your help. All credits count... Privates, Flirt Phone calls, tips, tip target contributions and even joining my Fan Club (if you haven't joined yet, you are really missing out!) counts towards the contest!

Thank you to all those who have helped me with the contest so far! I really want this win!

There is also my very own contest coming up on Saturday, June 27th! It is the Stacey White Party Discount. You can get discounts on credits and can help me win the $500 bonus if I am in the top 5!:)

Hope to see you all soon!
Contest update and FC Chat Date: Jun 25th @ 3:12pm EDT
Contest updates Date: Jun 19th @ 7:15pm EDT
Hello and Happy Friday!

I wanted to update everyone on a few things! Plus, I have not written a blog in a week and you all know how much I LOVE my blog writing. :)

So, many have asked how the Flirt Summit contest is going for June. I am currently ranked #4. I can't tell you how excited I am.This is very tight contest and I am thrilled I am still in the running. All credits count for the month of June and it is guys and girls combined. There are many ways you can help me to stay in the top 5. Tips in my room, privates, contributions to my tip target, and even joining or renewing your Fan Club membership are all ways to help me. Thank you to all those who have helped me so far and gotten me where I am today! I really appreciate each and every credit you spend!

As a reminder, I still have Members Only Fan Club chats on Wednesday's at 8 pm PST. Please join my FC and join us. Want to know what I do in these chats? Join my Fan Club and find out for yourself! You also get all the other membership benefits!:)

A big thank you to all of you for all the support the last couple of weeks. I have won several contests and it is so much fun! We have rocked it! Thank you!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I will be on Saturday and Sunday for a few hours!

Updates Date: Jun 9th @ 5:43pm EDT
Hello Gentlemen,

I have some updates for you!

I am currently ranked #8 for the Flirt Summit. It seems to be a very tight contest because there is a lot of movement in the top 10. If I had to guess, moving spots takes just a few thousand credits. Its very competitive contest. There are still a couple weeks left for the June contest. I can win in July and August too but I am going for June so I can secure my spot!:) I need all the credits I can get. This contest is based on credits only... tip target contributions, offline tips, tips in my room or in private and private shows all count towards this contest.

I am going to be working more than ever this month. I my goal is to work 6 days a week! We will see if I can do that!:) I do like my days off to relax and recharge. So, please check my schedule and see when I will be online and come say hi and spend some private time with me. I love private appointments so email me and make one today! I can wear something special just for you!

Please remember to join my Fan Club! It is a special place and I know you will enjoy it (it also helps with the June contest). If you have any questions about membership, please let me know! I will be having my regularly scheduled members only chat tomorrow night, Wednesday at 8 pm PST.

Have a wonderful week!

Early Years Date: Jun 8th @ 6:10pm EDT
Summer Contest Date: Jun 2nd @ 4:56pm EDT
Hello All!

I wanted to let you know a little bit about a summer contest the site is having. Each month of the summer, June, July and August, I have an opportunity to win a room at the annual Flirt Summit. Flirt Summit is a company only even for models only where we get to have fun, get up to date information on the industry and meet face to face with company rep's. It is held sometime later this year and I have all summer to win a room.

How do you help me win a room? Well each month, June, July and August, the top 5 models with the most credits for each month, will win a room and bonus money for expenses. This contest is girls and guys combined and is total credits for each month. This means tips, privates, offline tips, tip contributions, basically all credits count! So I really need all your help! It is a summer 3 month contest but I want to win in June! This is a company only event and I can not give out details but I will post pictures on my Fan Club page if I get to go! Also, I will try and update each week where I stand in the contest!

Currently I am ranked: 7

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Thank you for your continued support and love!

Twitter Date: May 31st @ 4:10pm EDT
Fetish Date: May 29th @ 8:54pm EDT
Fan Club Blog Date: May 22nd @ 4:46pm EDT
Hello Gentlemen,

I wanted to post an update on my Fan Club page. I have the amount of credits it is to join my Fan Club. I am now asking for 500 credits a month to join. I have made this change for several reasons...

The vision for my Fan Club is to be an intimate and fun atmosphere for me and my Fan Club members to connect and have a good time. I want to make the best Fan Club possible. I want it to be an intimate group of fans who truly support me.

Also, on reflection, I offer my Fan Club members a lot of benefits for joining my Fan Club. I have consistently offered Members only show once a week on my set day and time. I also post videos and blogs for members only. As many of you know, you can not view my VOD so members are the only ones who have access to Fan Club videos.

Also, I want to make my Fan Club membership special for members. So, if you purchase a membership, it is because you truly are a fan and support me. If I gift you a membership, it is because you supported me when I needed you. So, I will be making Fan Club membership gifts more rare and harder to obtain.

I enjoy spending time with my members and I want it to be an exclusive and special club:)

Also, if you are a current member, your membership will renew at the rate when you purchased it originally.

Thank you for your support!

Memorial Day Weekend! Date: May 21st @ 1:20pm EDT
Hello My Gentlemen,

I just wanted to let you know what is going on for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend. There are several contests over the weekend! I am going to work as much as I can but I do have a few things planned.

Saturday, the contest is the top 5 get $200. I am working Friday night into Saturday for the contest. I will be on for a few hours on Sunday (this is a change from my previous schedule posting). The contest on Sunday is if you earn 5K credits, you are qualified for the drawing for $100 bonus. Then on Monday, Memorial Day, the contest is a BIG one! The top 5 girls get $500! I really would like to win all these contests but this is one I really want!:) It is my birthday so i want us to win this one! I will be working all day that day. I am excited to spend my birthday will you, all my fans! It will be a fun day!

Starting Saturday, I will have a list of the top 5 tippers of the weekend. The top tipper for the 3 days, will get 1 month Fan club membership in my Fan Club!:)

If you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment with me for a private, please let me know!


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